one · invest in a leather conditioning product to ensure the leather’s integrity remains preserved. 

two · leather is sensitive to sunlight + moisture. 

three · spills or stains should be removed immediately by gently wiping your leather shoes with a dry cloth. 

four · allow the shoes to air dry naturally, in the absence of direct sunlight or direct heat sources. 



one · consider investing in a suede brush (either nylon or rubber bristles) 

two · don’t attempt liquid cleaners / conditioners 

three · oil based stains can be treated by placing a pinch of cornstarch on the stain. 

four · let it rest overnight. brush it off. repeat if necessary until the entire stain has been extracted.



one · keep out of direct sunlight

two · brush with hard plastic bristle brush to remove dirt / larger particles

three · spills must be soaked up immediately

four · wipe with damp cloth. repeat if necessary 

five · wipe with clean dry towel to remove moisture. dry away from heat + direct sunlight